" SMCC Construction India Limited follows the below mentioned Labour related regulations along with the other necessary labour laws very strictly:"

1. Contract Labour Act:

Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act, 1970

The Govt. were also represented and the general consequences of opinion was that the system should be abolished wherever possible and practicable and that in case where this system could not be abolished altogether, the working condition of the contract labour should be regulated so as to ensure payment of wages and ensure provision of essential amenities.

2. BOCW Act:

Building and Other Construction Works (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996

It is estimated that about 8.5 million workers in the country are engaged in building and other construction works. Building and other construction workers are one of the most numerous and vulnerable segments of the unorganised labour in India. The building and other construction works are characterised by their inherent risk to the life and limb of the workers. The work is also characterised by its casual nature, temporary relationship between employer and employee, uncertain working hours, lack of basic amenities and inadequacy of welfare facilities. In the absence of the adequate statutory provisions, the requisite information regarding the number and nature of accidents is also nor forthcoming. In absence of such information, it is difficult to fix responsibility or to take any corrective action.

3. Inter-state Migrant Workmen Act:

Inter-state Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment & Conditions of Service) Act, 1979

The system of employment of inter-State migrant labour was an exploitative system prevalent in some States of India. In this case, Labour is recruited from various parts of the State through contractors or agents called Sardars / Khatadars for work outside the State in large construction projects. This system lends itself to various abuses. Though the Sardars promise at the time of recruitment that wages calculated on piece rate basis would be settled every month, the promise is not usually kept. Once the worker comes under the clutches of the contractor, he takes him to a far-off place on payment of railway fare only. No working hours are fixed for these workers and they have to work on all the days in a week under extremely bad working conditions. The provisions of the various labour laws are not being observed in their case and they are subjected to various malpractices.